Crafty CHICK Halloween Countdown

Crunchy leaves, crisp breezes and a kaleidoscope of colors . . . it must be fall! This is a lovely time of year for taking walks, visiting pumpkin patches and doing almost anything outside. As the weather turns cooler and the afternoons get darker, the time is also ripe for doing craft projects with your little birds.

Halloween is certainly a holiday favorite for many kids and adults. There is no pressure to buy gifts, travel or explain the intricacies of what the holiday means. It’s just costumes, candy and adventures. Halloween also makes it easy for us to come up with simple craft projects to use as decorations. With a palette of orange and black and a cast of pumpkins, ghoulies and ghosties, the possibilities are endless!

To help keep it simple, Grandmother Hen has put together 21 Days of Hen Halloween Crafts to entertain you and your wee witches all the way to the big night. Do them all or just pick your favorites. Feeling brave enough to tackle the entire list? If so, here are the supplies you will need . . .

From the craft store:

Hen Halloween

  • Paints. A set of multiple colors or individual acrylics. Be sure to have black, orange and white.
  • Paint brushes.
  • Paint pens. Multiple colors or just black.
  • Pipe cleaners. Black and white.
  • Glitter. Black and orange.
  • Wooden craft sticks. Also known as “popsicle” sticks.
  • Tissue paper. Black and orange.
  • Construction paper. Multi-pack or individual. Be sure to have black and orange.
  • Foam sheets. Black, orange, white and green.
  • Tape.
  • Glue.
  • Glue sticks.

From the grocery store:

Hen Halloween 2

  • Pumpkins. One small and one medium for each crafter.
  • Candy corn.
  • Sugar cookie mix.
  • Dry pasta. Elbows, penne and rotini recommended.
  • Mini marshmallows.
  • Paper plates.

From around the house:

Hen Halloween 3

  • Q-tips.
  • Mason jars.
  • Empty toilet paper rolls.
  • Large rocks.
  • Scissors.

Ok Hens, embrace your inner Crafty CHICK and have some Halloween fun! Access all of our craft ideas here.