Holly Jolly Holiday: Day 13

Popcorn Cranberry Garland

Popcorn and cranberries are great for adorning your Christmas tree and draping along bushes (outdoor birds will thank you). This is an easy project to share with your grandkids, so long as you supervise the stringing process.

Popcorn Cranberry Garland


  • Strong thread, such as nylon or waxed cotton.
  • Large needle.
  • 1 c. popped popcorn per 3-4 ft. of thread.
  • 3/4 c. cranberries per 3-4 ft. of thread.


  • Place popcorn and cranberries in separate bowls for ease.
  • Thread the needle and knot the thread about 6 in. from the end.
  • Sew a garland of popcorn and cranberries, in any pattern you like (a simple line is easiest for birds).
  • Tie a strong knot after the last piece is strung.

Tip: Use fresh cranberries, as frozen are too soft and wet. Air-popped popcorn is less greasy and stays looking presentable longer.