Holly Jolly Holiday: Day 22

Load Up the Sleigh

I spy a…DVD player?!? With the advent of in-car movie players, road trips have changed a little bit. Change always has its pros and cons. Being able to play movies in the car is definitely a godsend at times. If kids are exhausted or irritable, a mental rest may be just the thing they need. (There are certainly times when the adults in the car need a mental rest, too!)

On the other hand, extended car trips can be prime time to develop a child’s creativity. Seize the opportunity to provide dynamic diversions while the birds are completely focused and attentive.

Here are some suggestions for good items to bring along:

  • No-mess coloring. There are several brands, like Color Wonder and Melissa & Doug, that offer this amazing innovation. With white tipped markers and special paper, kids can “color” with absolutely no mess.
  • Sing-a-long CDs. Studies have shown that time in the car can help develop a child’s verbal skills. Playing word games and singing songs encourage cognitive development.
  • Artsy Items. Magna Doodle and Etch-A-Sketch are completely self-contained, create no mess and can be used over and over again.
  • Stuffed animals. A few fluffy friends can provide comfort to children during a traveling adventure and can also become an instant cast of characters for imaginative play.
  • Grab bags. In advance of departure, fill a few paper bags with odds and ends from around the house and close them up tight. Your travelers will be excited to discover the mysteries inside and will come up with creative ways to use them for entertainment on the ride.
  • Road Trip Bingo. Download our version of this fun and easy game to play on your next fantastic voyage!

Road Trip Bingo Card