Holly Jolly Holiday: Day 23

Holly Jolly Holiday Madlib

Stories and songs and joyful gatherings. All of these things come together to create the perfect equation for holiday fun. And amidst the festivities, we don’t want to forget about grade schoolers and teenagers, who may need more than a coloring page to keep them engaged.

So, Grandmother Hen has just the thing to challenge minds and foster interaction. Simply read through the instructions below for an activity that is sure to have them shaking with laughter like a bowl full of jelly!


  • Print the Madlib below (don’t let curious eyes see it or it will dampen the surprise)
  • Have each child grab a pencil and sheet of paper
  • Have them write their name at the top and number the page from 1-10
  • Think of a theme (e.g., Christmas, food, sports, etc.)
  • Read each part of speech aloud and have the child right down a word that matches the theme
  • Gather up the sheets (this is a great time to pour hot cocoa too)
  • Read each silly story back

Optional: if the stories are especially funny, challenge your birds to draw their stories on the back of their answer sheets!

Hen Holiday Madlib Image