Holly Jolly Holiday: Day 8

Go from Coal to Cool

So, you’ve heard of the nice list, right? Obviously, your birds have too. But imagine if your home also had a Christmas Report Card.

We all know that children can be, well, rambunctious during school break and when sugar-laden sweets are floating around the house. In order to maintain order, here are a few items you could put on this report card:

  • Does chores without being told twice
  • Is kind to siblings and friends
  • Doesn’t whine for toys or throw fits
  • Keeps room tidy and laundry picked up
  • Does not argue with parents

Now, if your birds are in need of a gentle reset, here’s a fun way to incentify them . . .

Have Santa Call Them

The Coop is really in the loop on jolly St. Nick and wants to introduce you to www.santadial.com. It’s loads of fun and elicits the best responses from surprised children. Best of all, it includes a “You better watch out!” message for coaxing your birds back to the nice list.


Oh, one more thing. If you want to have your birds leave their Christmas list for Santa, simply call (951) 262-3062 (long distance charges may apply). And yes, you can leave your list too.