Fresh Starts: A Frame for All Seasons

Those creative little birds are often generous with their artwork. They love to draw, paint, glue, glaze and then give. Instead of sticking their stuff on the windowsill or magnetizing it to the fridge, have a frame that is set aside for their latest labors of love. This crafty idea accomplishes two things at once: displaying your grandkids’ artwork and adding seasonal flare to your home décor.

A Frame for All Seasons

First, shop for a fun wall photo frame, or use one that you already have. The frame should be at least 8” x 10”. Next, find a prominent place in your home to hang the frame (or several frames, depending on how many grandkids you have). Then, fill the frame with seasonal art that your birds make at school or from craft projects that you have done together. Think heart-shaped doilies for Valentine’s Day, handprint turkeys at Thanksgiving and snowflakes in January. Let your favorite artists fill your frame for all seasons!