Fresh Starts: A Year in Pictures

It’s a new year and time for fresh starts! While many of us have trouble being faithful to our health and diet resolutions, here is a simple yearlong craft initiative that delivers a major payoff.

A Year in Pictures

Do you have shoeboxes of pictures sitting somewhere in your house? Or, maybe you have a pile of memory cards full of digital photos that you’ve never gotten around to organizing. Don’t worry about those—this year is for fresh starts! Make 2014 a year of pictures by being an intentional photographer and creating a home for the best shots of you and the birds.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make a point to take a pic. Bring your camera or smartphone to any events or gatherings involving your birds, and take at least a few pictures.
  • Not piles, files! If you are still using a film camera, keep up with having the film developed promptly and use some sort of filing system to organize your photos. If you are using a digital camera or smartphone, get into the habit of downloading your photos regularly onto your computer. Organizing by month works well.
  • Print and place. Go ahead and get a photo album or scrapbook where you can catalogue and display your pictures as you have them printed. Perhaps you can set aside time at the end of each month to put pictures from that month in your album.
  • Think of it as a gift. At the year’s close, you will have a wonderful memento of the previous 12 months spent with your favorite little people.

From the vantage point of these first weeks of January, you can look into a year full of possibilities and opportunities that are ripe for the taking. Seize this opportunity to create something new. A book for future memories is a great place to start.