Spring to Life: Ribbon Rockets

Let’s get moving! The cold weather is finally on it’s way out and some long-awaited gorgeous days are floating in. Your birds are brimming with energy and longing to get outdoors. Here is an easy sewing project that the birds can help you with: then, take the finished product outside for some active fun.

Crafty Chick - Ribbon Rockets - GrandmotherHen.com


  • Fabric (enough for a 10″ x 10″ square).
  • Fabric or ribbon scraps.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Plastic sandwich bag.
  • Birdseed or rice.


  • Cut out a square of fabric (roughly 10″ x 10″).
  • Sew long strips of fabric scraps or ribbon around the edges of the square. (Attach as many as desired.)
  • Cut a length of ribbon or fabric (about 8″) to serve as a looped handle.
  • Fold this length in half and pull ends together.
  • Take large fabric square, pattern side up, and sew ends of ribbon or fabric “handle” to middle of square.
  • Fill plastic sandwich bag with rice or birdseed.
  • Turn fabric square over so non-pattern side is facing up.
  • Place plastic bag in the center and gather edges to enclose bag in a pouch.
  • Sew pouch closed.
  • Take Ribbon Rocket outside to a large space.
  • Grab handle loop and swing in a circle.
  • Release and watch your Ribbon Rocket soar!

Crafty Chick - Grandmother Hen,