5 Steps to a Look You’ll Love



Why not wake up every day and put on something you love? Wouldn’t it brighten your day and make you feel buoyant?

Here are FIVE ways to infuse your wardrobe with that powerful love force:

Make numbers fun and feminine

  1. Shop for what you love

If you’re shopping on the run, you may be grabbing “just any old thing” rather than allowing yourself the time to try things on, look in the mirror and ask yourself the question, “Do I love this?” Or maybe you’re settling for tried and true items instead of exploring new possibilities. Give yourself time to choose some fun clothes. Ask yourself, “Will putting this on make me smile?”

  1. Satisfy your love of details

Peruse fashion magazines. Are there details that appeal to you? Maybe you love vintage touches or fancy lace, or appliqués. Perhaps urban chic like studs, fringe, or grommets call your name. Indulge your love of details and look for new ways to have them in your wardrobe.

  1. Show your true colors

Often people surround themselves with the colors they love when they’re decorating their home but not as much when they’re choosing what to wear. If having wall paint or bed linens in your favorite colors is fabulous, imagine having an ample number of clothing pieces in those tones. And update your love of color, as your tastes might change over time or with the seasons. What color are you crazy about right now?

  1. Highlight a loved feature of yours

Instead of focusing on your figure challenges, cast a spotlight on what you love about yourself. Do you have a dynamite décolleté? Wear pieces that flatter your chest with great necklines. Gorgeous long gams? Consider pants in all kinds of fabrics like lace, velvet, and jacquard. You can direct attention wherever you want. By focusing on what you love, the challenges fade away.

  1. Step on the scale

Take stock of how you feel about your clothes. On a scale of one to ten with ten being totally satisfied with your wardrobe and one being not at all satisfied, where does your wardrobe stand? Bringing some loving attention to it could be what’s needed to bring that number up to a resounding ten.




For over 20 years, Marion Gellatly of Powerful Presence has made it her job to help women develop their personal style, take the daily stress out of getting dressed, and eliminate their “beauty blind spots.” Marion is a speaker and author on the subjects of image and style.  She is the grandmother of three young grandsons and lives in beautiful Pebble Beach, California.








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