Grandmothers Are Revered Keepers Of The Peace


Grandmothers Are Revered Keepers Of The Peace


After reading an article about  Grandmothers for Peace International, I felt called to create a chapter here in Wilmington, NC. That was ten years ago and we are still going strong. We are very concerned about the issues of the world. We believe that peace begins at home, and with that in mind, we are reaching out to our community.

For the past ten years, we have observed International Day of Peace with a gathering at Hugh MacRae Park. It’s a quiet gathering of people throughout the community who are committed to creating peace in our everyday lives. We decorate the trees with strings of peace drawings made by children in the community. Local musicians join us in singing and drumming of peace

We have a great time marching behind our GFP banner in the MLK parade every year. Cold as the weather might be, we are warmed by the loving response from all the spectators.

We participate in both the Earth Day Celebration and the Black Men Running event. At these events, we have a table filled with construction paper, markers and bubbles. We invite the children to come to our table and make peace flags and award them with bubbles. Some of their artwork is incredibly profound in so many ways and proudly displayed at the Peace Day gathering. We get heart smiles just watching the “peace” bubbles make their way throughout the park.

We realize we can no longer promote peace by sitting in our rocking chairs.

Our ongoing commitments include: First Book project…a program that provides books to Title 3 first and second graders throughout the community, YWCA quarterly peace potluck dinners, and the annual YWCA Stand Against Racism event.

Our mission statement includes these words: “Grandmothers are revered as ‘keepers of the peace,’ but we realize that we can no longer promote peace by sitting in our rocking chairs.” We believe that if we are to protect the rights of our grandchildren, we must stand up for the rights of all human beings.

Sometimes, I get very tired and discouraged about the human conditions on our planet. But, at the end of the day, I really do believe that the majority of human beings want to live in a peaceful environment. That is the little ripple that propels me to try to create just a little bit of peace right here in our community. A ripple here,  ripple there. Who knows where the peace ripples may lead?

About the Author

grandmothersLynn Heritage is a grandma, a mom, a wife, a sister, a retiree and a proud member of Grandmothers For Peace. She lives in Carolina Beach, NC with her husband, Dave, and her dog, Sadie. Lynn says, “I love having the luxury of time to involve myself with issues that speak to my heart.”



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