Sometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent names. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives.

We have listed Grandparent nicknames submitted by GRAND readers. Click on any of the above letters to see some of the many G-parent names

Plus, you can submit yours as well. Briefly, tell us, how your nickname came to be
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CeeBee Missy - translated into ceebee in toddler language
- Missy
Don't know how I came to be "ChaCha", but I love it!!!!!
- Chris (Romeoville, Illinois)
My grandfather's nick name is Chotjiok. He died many years ago and he was a very nice man. He had eight wives. He never fought with them. He taught us to be independent for our selves. We are now call our children with his name as his remembering.
- Deng
I wanted a name that when all my grandkids were together,
I was called the same name by all. There's no confusion
about who Cookie is. Plus, they just might think of me at
snacktime! My mom was "Buggy" to my kids and it was
so fun!
- Terry (Marion, IA)
The first grand child came up with this because she got o'pop the name we were going to use mixed up and called him CoolPop and it has always stuck. We love it cause it fits his personality.
- Dianne (Culpeper, VA)
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