Sometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent names. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives.

We have listed Grandparent nicknames submitted by GRAND readers. Click on any of the above letters to see some of the many G-parent names

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Daddy Bill
As the grandchildren came along and made the association with my father's name which was also their uncle's name, he became Daddy Bill to distiguish from Uncle Bill. Now just about everyone knows him as Daddy Bill.
- Judith (xx)
Ding Ding
My first grandson (now 2) could not say "grammy", but for some reason came out "ding ding". The 'other' grandma came out dumb dumb. So I really don't mind. I LOVE it, even though he can now say 'grammy', I will always be 'ding ding'.
- Joanne
I wanted to be called Grandma-D (because my name is Debi), but when my grandson would try to say it - it came out DeeDee and it stuck! For 10 grandkids now!
- Debi (UT)
My grandchildren are blessed to have 2 sets of grandmothers, of which I am one of them . Our names are both Deborah which is confusing, so I am DebDeb,and Deborah# 2 is called Nana. I think I got the better nickname.
- Deborah (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
At age 2, my granddaughter made up this name for me and it stuck. She is almost 10 and still call me that.
- John
Dammy Given
By grandaughter in place of Grammy which her brother named me.
- Glenda (FL)
My grandson couldn't do the "G" sound so he called me Dammms which to him is "Grams" as his brother calls me.
- Joy
When my oldest granddaughter, Amanda, began to talk, she could not say Grandma. I guess Ma sounded like Dah to her so that is what she called me. Her sisters called me that for a while but now call me Grandma. Sometimes Amanda still calls me Dah, even though she is 11 years old. I love it! It makes me feel special to have my very own name.
- Janice (Lees Summit, MO)
We do not know where Lexy came up with this special name but we like to think it means "Dad Two"!
- JOE (FL)
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