Sometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent names. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives.

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My oldest grandson,now 8, calls me Grandma, but during times of excitement still reverts to his childhood name for me Gunga. My younger grandson introduces me as "My Mothers Mother".
- Lorraine
I believe this name is the result of my grandson trying to say Grandma and Cookie at the same time, and it came out Gucky. His momma liked it so it stuck...I even have it on my license plate now.
- Mavis (MN)
My first grandchild, a boy, dubbed me Gubby, his version of Grandma. I was happy he didn't say Tubby! His younger sister picked up the name, but my other 2 grandkids, from another child, prefer calling me Grandma Jill. So I have 2 names.
- Jill (NJ)
I'm not sure who enjoyed the nickname Grumpy more, my children or my father. He loved to make a big deal of trying to be "grumpy" to live up to the name.
- Catherine (Mississauga, Ontario)
Our two precious grandchildren Bryce and Brynna call my husband Grumps and me Granny. They always have a smile on their faces when they call his name!
- Pat (AL)
my king of my heart could not pronounce grandma and kept calling me mama.I said to him "now siah say it like me grr..andma " He belted out ." GRRRMAMA! " me !
- Julie (OR)
My first grandchild was born 18 years ago. He had great-great,great,and grandparents from both his Mother and Father's side. One day he looked at me and called me "GREE" and seven grandchildren later, that name has been a wonderful word.
- Betty
When my first born grandchild was born, very early in his life I was holding him and thinking. His name is Grant, and I am Grant's grandma...I'm Grantma. He is almost 3 now and he says Grantma as clear as a bell.
- Cheryl (VA)
My first grandson started by calling me "Gray-ma" which, in time was shortened to "Gray" by ALL the grandkids.
- Mary (FL)
Granny Ree and Granny Rah
My mom's name is Marie (Ree) and my mother in law is Mira (Rah). My mother chose "Granny" because she thought Grandma was too old sounding, but we use Ree and Rah to delineate which one the kids are talking about.
- Gina
When my granddaughter asked me why I was called "Granny" I told her that when I was a little girl my "Granny" was my favorite person whom I only saw a few times year. She would always bring us treats and spend time with us . Anybody can be a grandmother but only special people can be a "Granny"
- Eleanor
Granmaw & Granpaw
My grandkids live near Kentucky and have picked up the long "aw" sound native to Kentucky and I think it sounds so cute to hear them say "Granmaw and Granpaw."
- Marliss & Ken
My grandchildren have a Grandma Jean, so my daughter-in-law suggested GranJan, and I love it! My grandma was the French Mémé.
- Jan (Kennesaw, GA)
This was my grandfather's nickname, the result of the first grandchild's early attempt to say "grandfather." It stuck through 22 grandchildren.
- Beth
A friend of mine tried to have her granddaughter call her Grandy but she never learned to pronounce it so it never caught on. I was determined to have my granddaughter call me Grandy - and she does!
- Helen (NY)
I had a Grandma and Grandpa and a Grandma and Grandpop. It was easy to tell the grandfathers apart but the grandma's were hard. So we added their surnames to it. My kids were spared that by having Grandma and Grandad Nanny and Poppy.
- Kim (xx)
One of my twelve grandchildren, a 15 year old, at her birthday party several years ago; was acting as a teenager and called me "Grandpappy". I thought it was cute and original. Now other grandkids now have picked up on the name. Each one is spec
- Wes
Grand-Bo -Fampa
Became my hsband's nickname by the association of something I said...
Grandpa Shayne
This is my nickname as and author on my website and other places on the web. My grandchildren simply call my "Grandpa".
- Shayne (Montgomery Village, MD)
Grandpa Clickie
Our youngest grandaughter couldn't say "Grandpa Cliffie" as the others. She called me "Clickie" and it stuck!
- Cliff
Grandpa Claus
I had a beard when when my first wave of grandchildren were born and when they asked me what I did, I told them that I helped Santa Claus in delivering gifts to all of the children on Christmas. In fact, my oldest grandson on grandparent's day told his class that his grandfather worked for Santa Claus The name has stuck ever since.
- Manny
Shermaan was the name of my cat, my granddaughter loved him because unlike her cats she could hold and cuddle mine, so to distingish me from her other Grandma she called me this.
- Laurel
My grandson Michael started saying "Grand-mummy" without any prompting. It was so special because it came from him not because we told him to say it.
- Wendy (ON)
Grandmommy & Mum Mum
My first grandchild always called me Grandmommy, but her little brother for some reason calls me Mum Mum - I love them both.
- Carol
I had always been "MOM" so when our beautiful granddaughter came along, it seemed perfect to become "GRANDMOM". Our grandchildren, honorary grandchilren, and their friends have reserved that name for me. I love it!
- Millie (MI)
Two of my grandkids call us grandmom and grandpop..the other two grandma and grandpa...they all can call me anything they want...I will answer!
- Mary
It started out to be GrandMere but morphed into GrandMary and I love it.
- Mary (CA)
Grandma Jean
- Jean
My children call their step grandmother *grandmammy*
- Cathy (NY)
I was determined to be called Grandma instead of the Southern Granny. My first granddaughter said Gamama and I decided I liked it. As she could talk plainer she said Grandmama. The others all followed her lead.
- Jacque (TN)
Recently, I became a GREATGrandmother!!! Now, I am called GrandMAMA!!! I love being called Grandmama. It is so different from any other GreatGrandmother that I know...It is so wonderful being a GreatGrandmother....I really enjoy my precious babies!!!
- Mary (Providence, RI)
Grandmama Well
My oldest grandbaby is only a yr old and the youngest is 9 months not saying much now, but when they were born I said how is Mama's baby it did not sound right and so I called myself Grandma and it like no, so It's Grandmama.
- Pamela (Clarksville, TN)
As a step great grandma who had never been called anything but Sandy before I wanted a nickname without stepping on the toes of the"Grands." So I am Grandma-ish (meaning "sort of").
- Sandra (Tucson, AZ)
Grandma/Grandpa or Grandma Karen/Papa
For the Grandchildren that live with us it's Grandma and Grandpa but the other grandchildren call us Grandma Karen and Papa. I wanted something different than what I had called my Gr-Grandparents and Granparents so we went back to the basics.
- Karen (Muldrow, OK)
Grandma Weeze and sometimes just "Weezie"
I love it because my mom had told me that my older brother introduced me to the neighbors as "Weezie" when I was born and my favorite uncle used to call me "Weezie."
- Louise (Midland Park, NJ)
Grandma tippy
My oldest grandson named me after our now deceased dog, Tippy to define me from his Grandma Cindy.
- Diane (Wyoming, MN)
Grandma the Betsy
My grandchildren's other grandma is named McGay. In contrast to their
Grandma McGay (say it fast), I became known as Grandma The Betsy.
- Betsy (patchogue, ny)
Grandma Sonja
When my grandchildren were very small, they visited us quite often. As an educator, I often worked with them on mathematics, reading, etc. As a result, they began to call me "Grandma Equals". I changed it to Grandma Sonja!
- Sonja
Grandma Punkin
Ever since my little Granddaughter, Maddie was born, one of the pet names I called her was Punkin. One time I called her Love. She said "No, I'm Punkin". She is now three and calls me Grandma Punkin.
- Bernice (Orem, Utah)
Grandma Michigan
I have 3 grandchildren living in Virginia . They have grandparents living 2 houses away from thier house . My son asked them if they'd like to talk to me on the phone because i live in Michigan , so far away . They now call me Grandma Michigan .
- Lynda (Midland, Michigan)
Grandma Kit
My first-born grandchild, Joseph, started to call me this because everytime his parents would be getting him ready to come for a visit they would ask him if he wanted to go visit Grandma and Kit (my pom). Which he took to be my name, Grandma Kit.
- Sheila
Grandma Joyce
My grandchildren in arizona call me Grandma Joyce because all the other grandma names in the family were taken and they wanted to personalize it...:-)
- Joyce
Grandma Jeanie
Some of my great-grandchildren have several grandmothers so when I was asked what I prefer to be called by my first great-grandchild I chose Grandma Jeanie because I like my name and I thought it would be easy for a little child to pronounce.
Grandma Honey
Our lil Joey is living with us and he hears his paw paw call me honey so now I am known as Grandmaw Honey....just wonderful...hopefully he will always think of me this way!
- Kathy (Crestview, Fl)
Grandma Grape
When we were young, my sister and I used to call my Great-grandmother the backwards-and-warped "Grandma Grape." It stuck through adolescence into adulthood. We shared a warm chuckle about this in her last illness. This brings great memories. Thx
- Jeff (IN)
Grandma from Marrs
When my oldest grandson was about 2 or so he started calling me Grandma from Marrs (due to part of my name). The first time he said this I just laughed and told him "honey it just seems that way some times". My nickname stuck.
- Vanessa
Each time we would visit our granddaughter Bekah, now 9, I would come with an armload of picture books. Bekah would greet me at the door with, "Grandma Books is here!" The name stuck so it became my email address, too.
Grandma Fro
We call my Grandma this because of her curly hair.
- Jennifer (NV)
Grandma Dumpster
My 2 year old grandson called his grandparents by the name of there animals, my cats names was dumpster. And it stuck ever since
- Brenda
Grandma C
Even though I am my grandson Collin's only grandmother,I am called Grandma C; because my last initial didn't change even after I re-married. So it seemed appropriate.
- Beth Ann (PA)
When my first grandaughter was born and my 1st grandson i wanted to be called grandmommy,that lasted a short time . Now i have two of each and they call me grandma and thats justfine!!!!
- cathy (TX)
I loved my Grandma Ida and as a mother I thought ahead to the days when I would also be a "Grandma" and to the name I wanted to live up to. Now that I have my grandson Riley, "Grandma" reminds me to be a grandparent that she would be proud of.
- Christy (Sylvester, GA)
I felt I was too young to be called the typical Grandmother or NaNa. Of course others would not agree with me (smile) so because I like the name diva my friends started calling me GranDiva when they knew my daughter was having a child.
- Layna (detroit, MI)
Gramom over the hill
When my 2 year old granson answered my phone call his Mom asked him which Gramom was on the phone. After giving it thought he said "Gramom over the hill" since we lived just over the hill from his family.It stuck until they moved to a new home.
- Joyce
(pronunced as Gig My first grandchild had difficulty saying Grandie, so she called me Gigi, but pronounced it as "Giggee". This is very different from the French Zee-zee (GiGi).
- Jerusha
My sister started calling our Granmother this when she was little and it stuck through all of the grandchildren.
- Valerie (Long Beach, CA)
We have TWO Granddaddys in our family, so I was surprised it wasn't on the list!
- Jayme
My husband's nickname for his Grandmother Lucille
- Gail (Vincennes, IN)
My father's name is Bob, so when my sister was pregnant with her fist child, the name "GrandBob" was bandied about and caught on- with all 3 grandchildren!
- RLS (OK)
Grandad America
My 3 grandchildren live in the UK. Although I visit twice a year, and phone often, the eldest kept asking where I was. Eventually she shortened "Grandad's in America" to Grandad America. It makes me feel like a comic book superhero.
- Geoff
All 20+ grandchildren called my mom's mother Gran, now that my mother is the grandmother her grandchildren call her Gran too...
Gran Fran
I heard of another lady with the name Fran, she had all her g.children calling her Granny Franny, I decided Gran Fran sounded better to me. My great nieces call me Gran Fran and I love it!
- Fran
I chose "Gran" when my first grandchild was born in 1998. Children in our family have always called the grandmother "granny," but since I was only 50 & didn't feel like a granny yet, I felt "gran" could easily transition
- Cheryle (OR)
My father’s father was Gramp to us. And my nephews call my mother “Uma” (or “Ooma”)… Just didn’t see either on your list so I thought I’d send these in.
- Rachel Peterson (NJ)
When our daughter was pregnant with our first grandchild, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be Grandma Kay, Granny or Nana for me. I wanted something that would be unique for me. I came up with Grammie. My husband is Papa. We are blessed to have all six of our grandkids (agea 1-6) living right in the same city as us.
- Kay (Rapid City, SD)
Grammie & Pop
Have a 2yr granddaughter - she has Pop down and is still working on Grammie. These were the names I called my grandparents.
- Barbara (CA)
Grammy Awards
I got a kick out of my new nickname my eldest,11,gave me. Its so sweet!!!
- Nancy (palos heights, il)
My 5 grandaughters call me grammy because I make them blankets and they call them grammy-mades..i love it
- Patty
I'm a very first grandma and just returned from Phoenix,seeing my granddaughter being born. The day before I had to leave I was holding my 11 day old granddaughter & she smiled and touched grammie's face. What a heart melter.
- Carol (FL)
Grammie Lizziem
my 6 yr old grandaughter just started calling me "grammie". I have no idea why!
- Shelley (NE)
Gramma "L"
My grandbabies fr Indiana were confused when they figured out they had 2 gramma's, so to make each one of us special, my daughter started them with Gramma "L" and Gramma "Betty". I love hearing it come out of their little mouths.
- Lorna (SC)
Gramma Sami
The name of my pet. It distinguishes the other "gramma JR" from me.
- Betty (IL)
Gramma Patti
Because my mother is also close to the kids she is Gramma Elaine
- Patti
Gramma Fay
Between grands & great grands, we were running out of names. With Baby J and his parents living with me, I have the advantage of asking him all the time..."who's your favorite?" At 6 weeks he clearly has no favorite but it made a catchy na
- Julie (CT)
Gramma Bitsy
My beautiful grandchildren are lucky to have 4 grandmothers (modern blended family) so I needed something to distinguish me from the others. My grandson found the way. He loved my verson of Itsy Bitsy Spider.
- Penny
Grama Weezy of my 20 grandchildren the twin boys and there father,my son inlaw gave me the nick name, I love it. or 7 great grands so far.
- Louise
Its Gramie this week but changes all the time. They are 4 and 5.
- Helen Louise Prokos
for somereason when first talking names were said twice and it stuck.
- KG
Gra'mere or Gra'meme
Read Eleanor Roosevelt's grandson's book, "Grandmere" when Ryan was born and since I'm his Dad's stepmother, this worked out well for everyone !!
- Ival
My oldeest grandchild started calling me gramcracker and it has stuck she is now 21 and now my youngest grand child calls me that at times but she says mostly just grammy and my grandson its grams
- Erdina
My son’s stepchildren had a hard time calling my young husband Granddaddy, but soon had a name for me. The first time we visited them they greeted me with shouts of Gramary! My husband was "Some guy"! -3 years later he's Granddaddy; I'm still Gramary.
- Mary (West Melbourne, FL)
I chose it since it is easy to say, write and spell. I am retired kindergarten teacher...can you tell?
- Barbara
Grah Even
though my granddaughter is 4 years old now and well able to say Grandma she insists I am "Grah" and always will be!!
- Julienne
Our 17 year old son came up with this name. My wife is called Gi-Gi, short for Grandma Gail and I couldn't think of a name I liked for myself to be called.
- Mel
Gomma and Gompa
We wanted very much for our first grandchild to name us. When our granddaughter began talking, her attempts to say "Grandma" and "Grandpa" became "Gomma" and "Gompa". We love our special names!
- Diane and Gary (TX)
Gmom Rose It started out as MomMom, but as my granddaughter grew into a teenager, that wasn't cool anymore, and one day she introduced me to her friends as Gmom Rose, but she reverts back went her friends aren't around
- Rose (Gloucester City, New Jersey)