Sometimes we get to decide our GRANDparent names. More often, an infant or toddler decides what we will be called for the rest our lives.

We have listed Grandparent nicknames submitted by GRAND readers. Click on any of the above letters to see some of the many G-parent names

Plus, you can submit yours as well. Briefly, tell us, how your nickname came to be
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I chose for my grandchildren to call me 'Granny" in honor of my grandmother, whom I adore. Everyone laughs and says I'm too young to be a 'granny' but I don't care. My granny was the best and I want my grandchildren to feel the same way about me.
- Taleah
Tat Tat
My first grandchild called me this.She would distinguish between her great grand-mothers and me by adding our given names therefore,TatTat Becky,TatTat Berta;&TatTat Ruth.Our other grandchildren also use these names.
- Becky (SC)
TaTa Di and Grumpy
Our grandaughter started referring to "elders" as "Ta-Ta". Since we are a blended family with more than two sets of grandparents, I loved my name: TaTa Di; My spouse became "Grumpy" very early on and the name "stuck"
- Diane (FL)
For Grandpa. Pronounced with long A, like pat and then short a like paw. My oldest nephew, who is 27, started it and it carried on through 13 more grandkids.
- Debbie (IL)
I got this nickname because I didn't want the title of grandma and nana was easier for Tavielle to say. However, now I want to be called grandma.
- Joyce (Tyler, MN)
Among other grandchildren, my youngest son has two sweet girls. When they were little, we had teaparties together and then they began to call me teaparty grandma -later it was shortened to just teaparty. Now they are 8 & 9, and I am still teaparty.
- Rosemary
The TicTac Grandma
I have six grandchildren and each set of grandchildren call me different names: Grandma, MawMaw, Granna Re and my newest name is The TicTac Grandma, because I always have tic tacs and share them with my babies.
- Marie (FL)
My grandson always saw me in my work truck and his Mom would say "There's Grandpa's truck." He started calling me Grandpa Truck and in no time he shortened it to just Truck.
- Jim
Tutu Carole
"Tutu wahine" means grandmother in Hawai`i."Tutu kane" means grandfather. Generally these are abbreviated to "Tutu", often with the grandparent's first name added.In my case, I'm called "Tutu Carole" by my granddaughters
- Carole Cathcart
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