GRAND Magazine’s Mission: Be a positive resource for grandparents, grandchildren and parents

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GRAND Magazine Mission Statement:

GRAND Magazine is more than a magazine, it’s a multi-media resource for today’s grandparents, grandchildren and parents.

Since 2004, GRAND’s mission has been to provide new and veteran grandparents with relevant content, resources and inspiration to help them successfully navigate and enjoy this important family role and life stage.

GRAND Magazine provides a voice for all grandparents including those special “encore” parents who are raising their grandchildren and grandparents who are forced to seek legal help to just be in the lives of their grandchildren.

GRAND Magazine serves the needs of all family members from early childhood through adolescence, adult, mid-life, mature to end-of-life.

GRAND Magazine has featured celebrity grandparents on its cover to illustrate that the old stereotype of grandparents no longer applies. Starting with Billy Crystal who appeared on the first issue in September 2004. From Bill Crystal, GRAND has featured grandfathers, Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan, Martin Sheen, Ronnie Millsap, General Colin Powell, Vice President Joe Biden, grandmothers, Tina Turner, Goldie Hawn, Julie Andrews to Betsy Johnson, Nora Roberts, Rita Moreno and many more.Grandparent, Billy Crystal, on Isse 1 cover of September 2004 GRAND Magazine





In addition to the magazine, GRAND Media provides an Internet Radio program – GRAND Magazine Radio. You can hear it live every Wednesday or click in to hear each podcast here :GRAND Magazine Radio featuring, grandfather, Dr. Phil McGraw with his grandchild

Christine Crosby, Editorial Director for GRAND - The Magazine for GRANDparents & Their Families

Christine Crosby, Editorial Director with grandchildren, Maddie, Jacob, Shantell and great-granddaughter, Leah


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