GRAND Magazine is proud to present our GRANDPartners for GRANDParents

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Child Welfare League of AmericaChild Welfare League of America

CWLA is a powerful coalition of hundreds of private and public agencies serving children and families that are vulnerable since 1920. Their expertise, leadership and innovation on policies, programs, and practices help improve the lives of millions of children across the country. Their impact is felt worldwide.

MISSION:  CWLA leads and engages its network of public and private agencies and partners to advance policies, best practices and collaborative strategies that result in better outcomes for children, youth and families that are vulnerable.

General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC)Grandpartner for Grandparents

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is a unifying force, bringing together local women’s clubs, with members dedicated to strengthening their communities and enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. With 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries, GFWC members are community leaders who work locally to create global change by supporting the arts, preserving natural resources, advancing education, promoting healthy lifestyles, encouraging civic involvement, and working toward world peace and understanding.


Volunteers for Community Impact

Volunteers for Community Impact (VCI) has been the sponsoring agency of the Foster Grandparent Program and Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in Central Florida since 1977.  In 2013, Florida Senior Programs changed names to become Volunteers for Community Impact  to better demonstrate the services we offer to our community.  VCI’s mission is “Building relationships that add value to the community by utilizing the experience of caring individuals through high impact volunteer service” and goals are to provide volunteers meaningful opportunities, promote intergenerational relationships, and acceptance of cultural diversity.

Our programs began in Central Florida in 1972 have since expanded into to five counties: Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia, and Flagler, building capacity with area nonprofit organizations through early education, mentoring, senior services, feeding the hungry and homeless, and meeting other critical community needs.  In our last fiscal year, VCI’s 1,184 volunteers gave back more than 438,528 hours of community service to Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Volusia, and Flagler counties public and nonprofit organizations.

Red Hat Society


The Red Hat Society has become the international society dedicated to reshaping the way women are viewed in today’s culture RHS supports and encourages women to pursue fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment of lifelong dreams and fitness. It serves as the center point for all communications and opportunities for its members offering tools, tips, discounts, services and events specifically with Red Hatters in mind. The Red Hat Society has spent over a decade developing a strong online communication tool for Members assisting them in gaining new and exciting ways to enjoy life, sharing their unique and motivating stories and helping Members find local hatters and activities they can participate in. Women over age 50 are known as “Red Hatters,” while those under 50 are lovingly referred to as “Pink Hatters.”  There’s Only One…Join the Fun!

The Children’s Movement of Florida

The Children’s Movement is a 325,000-strong coalition of Floridians who believe that every child deserves a full chance at the American dream. Our goal is to encourage the people and leaders of Florida to make the well-being and education of our children the state’s highest priority, especially when it comes to the investment of public resources in programs that make a real difference in the lives and futures of children. Organizing in 17 regions across Florida, the strength of The Children’s Movement is in the number of Floridians standing together to demand change. To learn more please visit:

Prevent Child Abuse America

Since 1972, Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) has led the way in building prevent child abuseawareness, providing education and inspiring hope to everyone involved in the effort to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children. Working with our chapters, we provide leadership to promote and implement prevention efforts at both the national and local levels. With the help of our state chapters and concerned individuals like you we’re valuing children, strengthening families and engaging communities nationwide.

Our national campaign and local programs, prevention initiatives and events help spread the word in your community, creating awareness that prevention is possible. We are a family of friends, professionals, volunteers, donors and parents who are preventing child abuse and neglect before it ever starts.

The National Senior Games Association

The National Senior Games Association is the national organization that spearheads the senior games movement, sanctioning and coordinating efforts
of senior games organizations across the country. Presently, we serve 50 member state organizations, located in 49 states (excluding Oregon)
and the District of Columbia.

A community based member of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) since 1988, the NSGA serves as the USOC’s offical arm to the senior population.

American Humane AssociationGrandpartner for Grandparents

Since its founding in 1877, American Humane Association has been at the forefront of virtually every major advance in protecting children, pets and farm animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. Today, we’re also leading the way in understanding human-animal interaction and its role in society.
As the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals, American Humane Association reaches millions of people every day through groundbreaking
research, education, training and services that span a wide network of organizations, agencies and businesses.

• Red Star Animal Emergency Services™, established during World War I at the request of the U.S. government to tend to animals on the battlefields of Europe. Today, our Red Star national first-responder team deploys to hurricanes, floods, wildfires and other animal emergencies.

• “No Animals Were Harmed”® program, established in 1940, to oversee the humane treatment and safety of animals in film. We monitor tens of thousands of animals appearing in more than 2,000 film and television productions each year.

• Our farm animal welfare certification program, American Humane Certified — the nation’s first, largest, and fastest-growing independent animal
welfare program dedicated to the humane treatment of farm animals.

• Leading-edge programs that protect children from abuse and neglect in communities across America and provide better outcomes for at-risk children and families who find themselves in the child protective services system.

• Animal-assisted therapy, which draws on the remarkable power of the human-animal bond to help children and adults heal, learn, and find comfort and motivation. Through these and other essential programs that improve quality of life for children and animals. American Humane Association advances the values of compassion, caring and hope.

For more information, or to support vital programs for children and animals, please visit us at

The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media – Kids First!

The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media is a national, not-for-profit organization founded in 1991. Because we believe that media profoundly affect children, our mission is to 1) teach children critical viewing skills and 2) to increase the visibility and availability of quality children’s programs.

Our goals are: A. To teach children to become critical media users; B. To help adults recognize the importance of teaching critical viewing skills to children; C. To help children identify and be aware of examples of outstanding media programming; D. To develop programs for children with special needs such as low-income or at-risk children. The Coalition is a voluntary collaboration comprising more than 10,000 media professionals, lobbyists, policymakers, child advocates, educators, parents and families

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is the nation’s voice for ovarian cancer issues. As a survivor-led umbrella organization, the Alliance unites activists, women’s health advocates and healthcare professionals to increase public and professional understanding of ovarian cancer and to advocate for more effective diagnostics, treatments and a cure.

Generations United

Since our beginning in 1986, Generations United has been the leading intergenerational membership organization in the United States. Originally created by the National Council on the Aging and the Child Welfare League of America, GU flourished as a collaborative effort. Soon AARP and the Children’s Defense Fund joined the organization’s
leadership and GU quickly grew to become a coalition of more than 100 national organizations seeking a shared, mutually supportive agenda. Generations United incorporated in 1997 as an independent entity and continues today as the country’s only membership organization promoting intergenerational public policies, programs, and strategies whose membership
represents over 70 million Americans.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc.

The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. is a non-profit association that assists lawyers, bar organizations and others who work with older clients and their families. Established in 1987, the Academy provides a resource of information, education, networking and assistance to those who deal with the many specialized issues involved with legal services to the elderly and people with special needs.

The mission of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys is to establish NAELA members as the premier providers of legal advocacy, guidance and services to enhance the lives of people with special needs and people as they age.

La Leche League International

Nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) is the largest nonprofit membership organization representing hospice and palliative care programs and professionals in the United States. The organization is committed to improving end of life care and expanding access to hospice care with the goal of profoundly enhancing quality of life for people dying in America and their loved ones.

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children

In 1977, a Seattle judge conceived the idea of using trained community volunteers to speak for the best interests of abused and neglected children in court. So successful was this program that soon judges across the country began utilizing citizen advocates. In 1990, the US Congress encouraged the expansion of CASA programs with passage of the Victims of Child Abuse Act.

Today, we have grown to a network of more than 50,000 volunteers that serve 225,000 abused and neglected children through 900+ local program offices nationwide. Our advocates, also known as volunteer guardians ad litem in some jurisdictions, are appointed members of the court. Judges rely on the information these trusted advocates present.

Mooseheart Child City and School, Inc.

Mooseheart Child City & School is a 1,000-acre community and school for children and teens in need of a secure home, located just south of Batavia, IL, between Illinois Route 31 and Randall Road. Founded in 1913, Mooseheart is supported completely through private

donations – the great majority of which come from the 1.1 million men and women of the Moose fraternal organization, in more than 1,900 Lodges and 1,600 Chapters located throughout the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Bermuda. Moose International headquarters is located on the Mooseheart campus.

Since its founding, Mooseheart has operated a complete, accredited kindergarten-through-high-school academic program, plus art, music, vocational training and interscholastic
sports. It is an extremely nurturing and student-tailored program, with an average student-teacher ratio of 12-1.

Mooseheart students who complete their studies with a 3.0 GPA or better (4.0=A) are eligible for up to five years of annually renewable scholarship funding, covering tuition, room and board in an amount comparable to that required for an in-state student at an Illinois public university.

Mooseheart is currently home to nearly 250 students, ranging in age from preschoolers to high school seniors. Applications for admission to Mooseheart are considered from any family whose children are, for whatever reason, lacking a stable home environment. Increasingly, children’s grandparents are the legal guardians of record for many Mooseheart students.

In addition to Mooseheart, Moose International also supports Moosehaven, a 70-acre retirement community near Jacksonville, FL founded in 1922; and conducts more than $90 million worth of community service programs annually.

GrandFamilies of America

The only grandparent organization in the U.S. administered totally by relatives caring for their relative children 24/7. Warm line operated 24/7. Impressive record of successful legislative initiatives across the country. The only grandparent organization staffed by a full time attorney. Established networking relationships with national associates working in the same field.