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Book Review: Mountainboard Manuacs by Pam Withers

Imagine bombing down hills at up to sixty miles per hour on what looks like a short snowboard with four giant spring-loaded wheels. Fifteen-year-old best friends Jake and Peter have decided that mountain boarding is the best free-ride sport around. So they’re totally stoked to join a junior-guide training trip on three of the Northwest’s most picturesque mountains. The only trouble is, both boys are hiding secrets from one another, and all three mountains are sleeping volcanoes that could wake up any time.

Over and over again, reviews and librarians say this series gets boys to read at precisely the age they begin to drop off of reading. High action, high adventure. Also popular with girls, but particularly popular with boys!

Mountainboard Maniacs                           

Whitecap Books, 2008

Adventure fiction

219 pages

Recommended ages: 11 and up   $8.95

BIO: Besides kayaking the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, Pam Withers has worked as a whitewater raft guide, kayak instructor, journalist, editor and associate publisher.

A former associate editor of Adventure Travel magazine in New York City, she was born in Wisconsin and has since lived in the Dakotas, California, Washington, England and Ireland. She now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and son.

Website: www.TakeItToTheExtreme.com

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