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Respecting The Role

Being an active grandparent is (of course!) one of my great passions. Being a “real grandparent” means being more than a cookie-baking Hallmark stereotype-it means being a dynamic part of the whole family. With all the challenges families face today, having loving, supportive and proactive grandparents is a critical factor in family success.

The pay is good: Besides the immediate gratification of getting a hug, smile or thank you, what we do in the life of a grandchild has a ripple effect and lives on in the generations to come. The next time someone tells us they are a grandparent, let’s think about the respect that deserves.

Speaking of respect, our cover grands, Dr. Stephen Covey and his wife, Sandra, have set a high bar for us all, and I hope you will not miss reading or listening to a single word or the videos. It is life changing!

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