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Posted on April 30, 2010 by Christine Crosby in 

7 Travel Essentials – Don’t Leave Home Without ‘Em

By JoAnna Haugen

You packed your shoes and sunglasses for your next trip away from home, but did you remember these seven essential travel items?

1 Baby wipes. Use them to clean up after a picnic lunch or wipe down sticky fingers. Keep them handy to freshen up and to use for a full-body cleaning when a shower isn’t available.

2 Plastic zipper-bags. Separate wet from dry with a supply of small and large bags you can zip shut. Use them to compress your clothing when you pack and to keep small items like batteries together. Also ideal for containing toiletries that might leak when jostled or exposed to air pressure changes.

3 Lip balm. Wind, sun and sea salt can take their toll on your lips. Carry SPF lip balm to help acclimate to new climate changes. In dry climates you can dab some around the inside of your nostrils to help keep your nose from drying out as well.

4 Water bottle. Stay hydrated by carrying your own water bottle. In countries with treated water, you should be able to refill at every stop you make. Added bonus: You’ll save money and help protect the environment.

5 Gum. Did you eat a spicy meal or something with garlic? Fix the problem with a stick of sugar-free, mint-flavored gum. In addition to fighting bad breath, it can be used in a pinch when you can’t find your toothbrush and also helps in combating minor stomachaches.

6 Toilet paper. Don’t count on it in public bathrooms. Carry your own roll of TP, especially if you will be camping or traveling in a foreign country. Also handy for cleaning up spills or runny noses.

7 Journal or camera. Record and remember your vacation when you travel. Don’t forget to share and relive your favorite memories long after returning home.

JoAnna Haugen [https://www.joannahaugen.com/] is a freelance writer whose travel blogs are posted at KaleidoscopicWandering.com.[https://kaleidoscopicwandering.com/]

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