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Book Review: Ambrose and The Princess by Margo Sorenson

The best in children’s literature, selected by Jim Whiting.

Margo Sorenson

Author of over twenty-five books, Margo Sorenson was born in Washington, DC. She spent the first seven years of her life in Spain and Italy, living where there were few children her age, so books became her friends. She finished her school years in California, graduating from the University of California at Los Angeles. After teaching high school and middle school and raising a family of two daughters, Sorenson is now a full-time writer, writing primarily for young people of all ages, elementary through junior high age and older. She enjoys meeting with her readers in school and library settings from Minnesota to California and Hawaii.

With over twenty-five books already published, Sorenson enjoys writing for these age groups since she believes they are ready for new ideas and experiences, and they really enjoy “living” the lives of the characters in books.

Besides winning recognition and awards for her books from various groups, including the American Library Association, Sorenson was recently invited to donate and archive her working papers with the internationally-known children’s literature collection, the Kerlan Collection, at the University of Minnesota. After having lived in Hawaii, California, and Minnesota, Sorenson and her husband now live full-time in La Quinta, California. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys playing golf, reading, watching sports, traveling, and hearing from her readers.

Ambrose and the Princess

Illustrated by Katalin Szegedi.

Liturgical Press, October, 2005.

Ages 4-8

$16.95, 32 pages

How can Ambrose, the medieval mouse, use his talent of paying attention to “the small things” to bring the new princess happiness so she won’t leave, but will stay to help the convent schoolgirls?

“American Library Association award-winning author Margo Sorenson and 2005 Hungarian Illustrator of the Year Katalin Szegedi present Ambrose and the Princess, an enchanting fable about little mouse named Ambrose, who sees that the kind and wonderful princess of the land is unhappy. She is so distressed she might depart, yet the church, the convent, and the poor dearly need her kindness. Determined to make things right, Ambrose sets out on an adventure to help the princess and her all her subjects. The delightful color illustrations add the perfect charming touch to this original story in the style of a classic fairy tale.”

Midwest Book Review, 2006

Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream

Illustrated by Katalin Szegedi.

Liturgical Press, November, 2006

Ages 4-8

$16.95, 32 pages

How can Ambrose, the medieval mouse, stop his daydreaming long enough to help build the cathedral and earn the respect of his mouse cousins?

“Written for the enjoyment of children ages 4-10, Ambrose and the Cathedral Dream is a wonderful picture book about a small mouse with big dreams. Ambrose the mouse yearns to follow the traditions of his mouse family and help build a gorgeous cathedral, but his daydreams prevent him from practicing the somersaults that startle tired workers and help them stay awake. Ambrose’s dream is no less than to help William the Master Builder find his dream. A lavishly illustrated story about inspiration, courage, and the wonder of seeing architectural beauty gradually take shape.”

Midwest Book Review, 2007

For more information, please see www.margosorenson.com.

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