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Get A Job! Resources

Frustrated at seeing your teenaged grandchildren sitting in front of tv or video games? Other grands have gone before you and solved the problem. Here are a few great links to get you enthusiastic about introducing exciting challenges into your grandkids’ lives…and in the February issue of GRAND (on-site February 1, 2009), you can read all about one grand whose grandson is not only earning his own allowance, and learning about business and self-sufficiency – he donates 10% of his profits to the Special Olympics.

Youth Entrepreneurs: A Few GRAND Sites

The Aspen Institute, Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy Group

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Teaching Youth to Build Businesses

The World Resources Institute

The U.S. Small Business Administration, Youth Entrepreneurship

Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, Youth Entrepreneurship

Grants for community programs in youth entrepreneurship: Council for Economic Education

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