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Posted on May 26, 2010 by Christine Crosby in Child Safety Made Easy, grandparenting

Grandparenting 101

ABOUT ME: I am a mom of 4 (ages 10-27). I am Nana to 3 (plus a 4th coming this fall). And I have taught a moms class for the last 5 years. Our last child was adopted when I was 40. It has put me in a very unique situation of seeing that parent rules and suggestions have changed for the better. This picture is me with my twin grandsons.

EXAMPLE: My oldest children all slept on their stomach, with bumper pads and quilts in the crib. My last slept only on her back. And now we know that by placing our baby on her back in a crib with no bumpers and no blankets the SIDS risk is greatly reduced.

One of the questions I get from some new moms is “Can my mom come to your class? She wants to do things the old way which I know is not safe”. Grandparents learned one way of parenting. And these new moms have learned other ways. I think it has been a bit easier for me to support my daughters parenting choices since I saw the changes between parenting children in 3 different decades. And sometimes grandparents may feel that their children are saying that they were no good parents. We have to remember that each generation does the best they can with the information they currently have.

Most Common Disagreements:
1. The grandparent puts the baby to sleep on her belly even though the mom has asked her not to do so.
2. The grandparent thinks putting the child in a car seat is unneeded.
3. The grandparent tries to feed the baby food that has not been introduced yet.
4. The grandparent insists a breast feeding mom must give the baby a bottle too.

1. Please respect your children’s parenting style. Let them be the parents.
2. Allow them to set the rules for their children.
3. Ask before assuming how they want things done.
4. Do not be offended by their new ways. We did the best with what we knew back then.
5. Educate yourself on the changes in child care and safety.

1. Help educate your parents on why we do things a new way.
2. Show them articles and statistics on why rules were changed.
3. Let them know the new laws about car seats.
4. Understand their feelings.

Which things have changed the most in the last 30 years?
1. Car seats are the LAW now. This is not negotiable.
2. Babies only sleep on their back. PERIOD, no exceptions.
3. Babies sleep in a crib or playpen. Never put a sleeping baby on an adult bed or couch unsupervised.
4. No bumper pads or quilts in the crib.
5. Use swaddle blankets, then sleep sacks, instead of blankets.
6. Newborns do not need water. Breast milk or formula is all they need.
7. Babies to do not start cereal until 4-6 months old.
8. There is a food schedule for when certain foods are added, to help reduce allergies.

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