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Book Review – Explore The Solar System! by Anita Yasuda by

This is the year to wander the solar system, explore the planets, take a trip on a shooting star and even dream about setting foot on the red sand of Mars. Star gazing isn’t reserved for professional astronomers only. No, it’s for you and me. Explore The Solar System! 25 Experiments Activities is the perfect book to share with grandchildren. Who better than a grandparent, to awaken a child’s imagination under the stars?

From a space shuttle fashioned out of a lemonade carton and felt to a Mars rover made from a cereal box and juice cans, the variety of imaginative projects in this resource can be built with simple everyday classroom and household items. Surrounding these activities are fun facts, illustrations, and related information on each space topic-all of which meets curriculum standards for early elementary science. For young students, their families, and teachers, this expedition through the galaxy is a perfect method for introducing astronomy in a way that also stimulates creativity and curiosity.

Explore The Solar System! 25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiments

Nomad Press, 2009

Grades 1-4

96 pages

Non-fiction activity book



“Through fascinating and exciting writing, fun jokes, interesting stories, and engaging activities, it provides an in-depth look at the Solar System and all of its bodies.”

Edmonton’s Child Magazine

“This is a great book to entice young readers to read more and learn a little science along the way.” NSTA



Anita Yasuda is the author of 22 books for adults and children. Her magazine articles have appeared in many publications such as Highlights, Homeschooler’s Guide, Calgary’s Child, and Jersey Parent. She went to the University of Toronto where she studied East Asian and South Asian Studies. Then she trained to become a Montessori and ECE teacher. Anita loves learning new things and sharing these interesting facts with children. For more information, please see https://www.anitayasuda.com

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