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Fit Means Fun

Carole Carson was nearing her 60th birthday, stepped on her bathroom scale and realized it had broken. What happened next catapulted her from self-loathing to a healthy new life as a national fitness advocate and the author of From Fat to Fit [].

Carole is a grandmother of nine, and one of her passions is being a role model to them: “I know I’ve had a big impact on them, mainly through my example but also just hanging in there and fixing healthy dishes and bringing them into the kitchen-they all have their own aprons.”

In 2004 she led a “Community Meltdown” in which participants lost a total of 7,509 pounds [to see a video of her February 25, 2004, appearance on the NBC Today show, click here:].

Carole is now the coach of AARP’s Fat 2 Fit community online [], where she can do on a huge scale what she does best: cheering on others to fitness.

GRAND’s interview with Carole is sure to inspire you [click here:]. You’ll enjoy her optimism and learning what the letters in FIT mean (hint: the F stands for fun).

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