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Posted on July 10, 2010 by Christine Crosby in 

The Dreamstarter Book

By: Jennifer Karin
Looking for a way to unlock your grandchildren’s minds? Look no further than a new activity book filled with “DreamStarters” to help you creatively engage your grandchildren in the lost art of storytelling.   The DreamStarter Book contains fifty beginnings to tales that you and your grandkids need to finish. There are no color illustrations, and only a few adjectives to help get you started. But then it is up to your grandkids to decide what happens in the story and what everything smells, tastes, and feels like

Bonus tip: Bring a DreamStarter to the dinner table. You’ll notice your grandkids hanging around just a few minutes more.

Excerpt from The DreamStarter Book by Jennifer Karin Sidford (Cold Tree Press; 2008)

The Ice Wind

Justin and Nicole were hiking toward the top of their favorite mountain when the wind began to blow. At first, the wind was light and warm, but it soon became fierce and bitter cold. Even though it was summer, the wind turned everything around them to ice.

“Over there,” said Justin. “There’s a cave. Let’s seek shelter,” he yelled to Nicole over the high-pitched scream of the wind.

They leaned into each other as they walked, bracing their weight against the powerful gusts.   The cave’s entrance was covered with icy vines that refused to move. Justin pulled out his Swiss Army Knife and cut through the vines. From deep within the cave came a blast of warm air. Justin pushed Nicole into the cave and followed next. It was very dark, and the warm air smelled damp and…


The SchoolBell


Every kid in Mrs. Jamison’s class stared at the clock as it ticked toward 3:10 p.m. – the end of the school day. Each day when the bell rang, the school kids would run down the corridor and out into the schoolyard. Some would hang on the fence waiting for the school buses to take them home; others would walk or ride their bikes. But when the bell rang and the kids grabbed their backpacks and ran outside, the world had changed. Large bubbles floated everywhere, each with a bell inside. The kids laughed as they bounced the bubbles with their fingertips.

“What are these things?” asked Paul. Even though he was the football team’s captain, he was also very interested in science. He examined the bubbles closely and decided that the only way to find out was to break one of the bubbles and ring the bell.

A bunch of the students gathered around Paul as he . . .


The DreamStarter Book for ages 5-13 is available in June 2008 at www.amazon.com.

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