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24/7 Grandparenting

By Carol Flett

I can role out post after post on the joys of Christian grandparenting, but when it comes right down to it, I am only a part time grandma. How can I possibly relate to the dear grandparents who have been forced into the 24/7 care giving role over their grandchildren, when they would really love nothing better than to be just good grandparents.

I have wept over comments by heartbroken grandmothersparents whose wayward daughters have dumped their kids in the laps of Grandma and Grandpa, so they could continue their riotous living. If you are such a grandparent, just know that I weep with you.

My tears are flowing now, as they do whenever I read of your situations, and I wish I had words of advice to give to you, but I have never been down that road. All I can do is pray for you and your family, and I do that whenever I read about your circumstances.

If you are one of these full time grandparents, and you have a story to share, or advice to give, please feel free to share with us at If you need help, we’ll be happy to help connect you to a support group near you.

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