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Posted on August 4, 2010 by Christine Crosby in CEIVA Photo Frame

Framed! – The Cool Photo Frame From Ceiva

Don’t you just love framed photos of your grandchildren? Imagine having your own digital photo frame in your home that plays a slideshow of your pictures-one that updates automatically as your family sends photos of your grandkids!

The CEIVA Photo Frame does just that, and so much more than other digital photo frames.

I gave one to my wife for Christmas, and she loves it. She gets excited to see new photos of the grandkids! Our daughter just had another baby, and within minutes her husband sent photos of the adorable little boy. Photos are a great way to stimulate conversation, emotion and relationships.

How the CEIVA Photo Frame works: The photo frame comes with your own online webpage where you organize all your stored photos. You can upload your own photos. Your family and friends can e-mail photos or upload them to your CEIVA webpage. Your photo frame checks daily for new photos that have been sent and updates them automatically. You know when new photos are downloaded because the CEIVA logo on your frame lights up in blue.

The frame is easy to set up and use. It features a high-resolution 8-inch display, memory card reader and intuitive onscreen menus. You don’t need a computer. Internet service is optional-the frame can connect over Wi-Fi, phone lines or optional broadband connector. Photos can be sent to your frame from anywhere-even from camera phones. How cool is that?

Other fun things you can do with your photos: On the CEIVA Web site, decorate your photos with stickers, borders, text and more. Make greeting cards from CEIVA’s online galleries or design your own. Add weather, news, recipes and dozens of other channels for daily delivery.

The CEIVA Photo Frame starts at $159.99. Buy two or three frames and get a better deal. The annual service starts at $6.95 a month. However, the purchase of a photo frame comes bundled with a one-year plan. The frame comes with a lifetime warrantee.

The CEIVA Photo Frame makes a perfect gift for grandparents-for any occasion. It’s a timeless gift that keeps on giving!

Author Bio:

Shayne Packer helps grandparents discover cool ways to connect with grandchildren at GrandparentsTLC.com. E-mail Shayne if you have a tech product or service useful to grandparents.


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