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Posted on August 19, 2010 by Christine Crosby in Dr. Richard Wright, Qivana

More Health With Less Medicine

Patients are seeing big improvements without prescription drugs and an ‘old school’ doctor is excited by the possibilities for all of us.

Dr. Richard Wright is a no-nonsense guy. He served four years on submarines as a young man. He was a Jacksonville, FL police officer for seven years, two as a homicide detective. He’s an accomplished pilot. So it’s no surprise that he brought a serious solution-oriented attitude when he entered the field of medicine. He is a self-described ‘mainstream physician’. The only treatments he offers his patients are supported by fully documented scientific research.

Over 35 years, Dr. Wright has built a very successful medical practice, the largest in North Central Florida. But during those years, he grew progressively more frustrated with the pharma-based healthcare system that treats symptom after symptom with ‘silver bullet’ drugs without addressing core health issues.

Longtime friends, family and patients were falling victim to illness, especially lifestyle related diseases, at an alarming rate. He realized that people would have to take more responsibility for their own health. But how to put that into practice and what should a doctor’s role be? Telling patients to eat right and exercise was not being effective.

Then in 2009, a friend who is a prominent judge told him he was having great results from supplements sold by a new natural products company called Qivana and that the doctor should investigate. The judge made a very credible witness but Dr. Wright was skeptical. He had almost no experience with natural supplements and in fact, the judge was representing the company as a network marketing business, something else the doctor wasn’t too sure about.

But out of respect for a friend, he elected to study the research and the claims of therapeutic value published by the manufacturer. He was surprised to find compelling documentation of extensive clinical trials and improved user health from the Qivana probiotics, herbs and weight-loss products.

In fact, the products were developed by some of the very top scientists in the field and were thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness. The company is the brainchild of Derek Hall, 40 year veteran of the health products industry and Chairman of the Natural Products Foundation. Qivana was something to take seriously.

Dr. Wright tried the supplements himself and soon lost weight and experienced improved health. He was delighted for himself but as a doctor, he considered his responsibility to his patients. Should he offer solutions that did not come from a big pharmaceutical company? Was he going outside the mainstream? Was there an ethical consideration?

Yes, there was. He realized it would be unethical if he did not offer his patients the best therapeutic options available and he believed these supplements may help his patients. After deliberating for six months, he told the first patient about Qivana. By June, 2010, 140 of his patients were taking Qivana supplements; 116 were on the weigh-loss program, Metaboliq.

Approximately 40 of these patients were diabetic. In a few short months, roughly half the group were off all diabetes medication. Most lost weight and experienced other indicators of returning good health. Patients experienced similar results with hypertension, high cholesterol and other lifestyle related problems, and the progress continues.

The network marketing business model was also a revelation for Dr. Wright. With 37 employees, he is very successful, but again, he did the ‘due diligence’ and realized he could replace his considerable income from practicing medicine in a few years by building a business around Qivana and it would be a self-sustaining annuity. He would be free to help people at will without dependence on insurance company bean-counters and Medicare bureaucrats.

Dr. Richard Wright: “We have a health crisis in this country fueled by an obesity epidemic. Those who take control of their health stand to live longer and much more satisfying lives. I’m very happy to have a tool that will help my patients, friends and family achieve these goals and at the same time, help those who seek it, build a more secure financial future.”

To learn more about Qivana health solutions, visit: www.myqivana.com/plan or call 727 224-8918.

Richard L. Wright, MD. RPVI

To learn more about Dr. Richard Wright and the Healthcare Institute of North Florida, visit https://www.healthcareinstitute.net or call 386 755-0421.

Christine Crosby

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