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Amazing Moms provides many craft ideas for children between Kindergarten and 6th grade. Many of the craft ideas use simple items from around the house, such as cardboard, toothpicks, glue, paints, egg cartons, straws, milk jugs, shaving cream and potatoes. Some of the craft projects include friendship bracelets, kitchen utensil characters and critters, aluminum foil sculptures, and pine cone birdfeeders. is loaded with all sorts of different craft projects for all interests and occasions. They have different sections for summer crafts, bug crafts, animal crafts, musical crafts, and more. Each project has easy to follow instructions and are fun and creative.

Family Fun is a very organized site with different ways to find the craft you are looking for. Once on the front page, you will find four categories (Beach Crafts Galore, Memories & Friends, Videos for Outdoor Projects, Fun on the Cheap) to choose different projects from. There are other sorting options available, such as Holiday & Seasonal, Crafts by Age, and Quick & Easy. Some of the projects may require purchases from a craft store.

Craft Bits has literally hundreds of craft ideas just under their Kids Crafts section. Button bracelet, cupcake trinket box, funky hair chopsticks, soda pop invitation, crayon soaps – just to name a few of the projects available. Many of the projects may require adult supervision when using appliances, sharp tools, or other items to create the crafts.

Crafty Daisies is a blog in which four women (Simone, Jen, Heather, Candace) have blogged about different craft ideas they have created or used. There are many different ideas and many different categories for you to easily find what type of craft you are looking for.

Craftevolution is kept by Simone of Crafty Daisies. Just as Crafty Daisies has many craft ideas, so does Craftevolution.

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