Video Games as Exercise?

Give your brain the workout it wants with the Nintendo DS game Brain Age™: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. Released in 2006, this brain trainer has sold millions of copies worldwide. Activities include reading out loud, drawing on the touch screen with the stylus and counting.

Sudoku is one of the most popular (and addictive) puzzles in the world, and there are more than 100 grids included. For just $19.99, you too can discover the age of your brain! Brain Age™ is available at major game retailers and requires the Nintendo DS hardware to play. For more information visit

Once you get your mind into shape, you can use Nintendo’s latest game console, called Wii (pronounced “we”) to exercise your body. The controller is wireless and resembles a television remote. This controller detects motion and rotation in three dimensions, and it has a speaker, a rumble pak and an expansion port.

Games that include boxing, driving and sword fighting take on a new dimension of fun when players must move their arms or bodies to play! The Wii also features different channels, including Internet, photo sharing, the Wii shop channel and much more.

Nintendo created the Wii with everyone in mind, from the  youngest gamers to adult first-timers. If you have a younger grandchild in your life, you will be pleased to know that the Wii includes parental controls. You can get moving with the grandkids for only $249.99. Launched in late 2006, the Wii topped holiday wish lists everywhere. Learn more at

Originally Published on GRAND Magazine in January-February 2007

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