Book Review: Nature’s Lullaby By Niki Schoenfeldt

Niki Schoenfeldt

Share an old-fashioned country evening with your grandchildren by joining little Casey and his Grandpa on the back porch as they wait in anticipation for nature’s lullaby to begin. From the silly shrill of the tree frog to the soulful note of the barn owl, the night comes alive with song! Fireflies dance and the moon provides a spotlight while Casey and Grandpa identify each creature that joins the melody. But alas, neither can resist the soothing rhythm and before long, both drift off to sleep. The lullaby continues until a loud growl pierces the night. Is it a bear, a fox, or something more sinister? It’s neither, the sound is simply Grandpa snoring!

Windstorm Creative, 2008
Picture book
28 pages
Ages 4-8
This Premium Paperback Edition includes access to two audio versions of the story, and a read-along e-book for the computer. It is made with earth-friendly materials.

Niki Masse Schoenfeldt was brought up in a small town in Western Massachusetts where her roots still run deep. She moved to the Charlotte area eleven years ago and resides there with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two cats. She has more picture books in the works and is in the process of writing her first Young Adult novel.

Her magazine credits include My Friend, Boys’ Quest, Breakaway and Guide. Her work has also been published in a children’s anthology with Pauline Books and Media. She is a regular review contributor at and and hosts her own blog dedicated to the craft of writing for children at NATURE’S LULLABY is her first book.

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