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Sleeping Around (Town)

When my husband and I became grandparents, we decided it was time to start sleeping around. It wasn’t any staleness in our thirty-three year-old marriage that sparked that decision, but because our grandchildren came to live with us after a glorious two-year empty nest. We needed a getaway, so in order to be alone, we started sleeping around-town.

If you are a grandparent caring for grandchildren, you need some time alone, too. Your marriage, your relationship, your self, is worth every moment, every penny. And it doesn’t have to be a five-star resort. Just one night away from home, alone, will bring you back refreshed.

What’s in your backyard? How about a homey bed and breakfast? Enjoy reduced rates during the off-season or take advantage of corporate rates. Twenty-four hours without the kids can be yours for under $100. If you’re cash-strapped, then redeem those credit card points and embrace the stay-cation. Can’t afford any of the above? Borrow a friend’s boat and sleep aboard. If you can’t sail, then just stay at the marina-you’ll feel a million miles away. Anybody you know have a trailer, a camper, any kind of RV? Get in and drive away.

If lack of babysitters keeps you home, then remind all those friends and relatives who insisted, when the kids came to live with you: “call me anytime to babysit”. Anytime is NOW. After all, you’ll only be a few miles away from home should anything happen. If you can afford sitters or the luxury of a nanny-just do it! Then you can do it with your honey without a midnight feeding interruption or little ones bursting into your room the one evening you finally get your groove back.

But it’s about more than just the romance. Imagine a quiet weekend of just reading, or sleeping, or walking on the beach or in a park. Wake up when you want, eat what you want.

After sleeping around town that first weekend, my husband and I felt refreshed Monday morning. He went back to the office, and I to my desk and boomerang babies. Many more getaways would follow, but after thirty-three years of marriage, there’s nothing like your first time.

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