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Can’t Find Work?

My son is a champion dawdler. When I’m trying to get out the door for something important, putting on his coat can become a 15 minute dance. So I’ve become an expert dawdler-stopper.

Now, when a four-year-old dawdles it’s mildly frustrating. But when Congress dawdles while they should be creating jobs, it’s simply unacceptable.

Twenty-five million Americans are searching for full-time work.[1] Congressional inaction, i.e. dawdling, is NOT ok. It’s time for parents across the country to unite and stop Congressional dawdling. We’ve got to get the American Jobs Act passed ASAP.

If anyone can motivate a dawdler, it’s a parent. That’s why a donor has already stepped up with $5,000 to increase the power of MomsRising members who contribute in the next 48 hours.

This means your contribution of $15 or more will be supercharged and will enable MomsRising to take our jobs campaign full force into the Senate battle. We will launch a virtual storm on Congress to end dawdling.  We will come at them from every side: On the ground in DC, through local media outlets, Twitter and Facebook campaigns, family story deliveries, and a crescendo of email and phone calls. We won’t stop until Congress takes action on the American Jobs Act.

Chip in $15 today:

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