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Posted on August 29, 2011 by Christine Crosby in Ann Marie Osborn

Baseball Keeps Barry LaFlam and his Grandkids on the Road

Barry LaFlam, Abby, Timothay Haggerty grandchildren

Ever since he played little league baseball as a child, proud grandfather Barry LaFlam has been a loyal baseball fan. In 1991, he began taking baseball road trips and stadium tours with his wife Barbara and their son Daryl. In fact, the LaFlam family been officially inducted into the Stadium Hall of Fame, an honorshared only by baseball fans who have visited all majorleague stadiums in the country as part of a special program with Sports Travel and Tours

Barry and Barbara LaFlam always wanted to provide their son Daryl, who has Downs Syndrome, with as many opportunities as possible to live a normal life. Attending baseball games was an activity that they could enjoy together. When their daughter Valerie presented them with two grandchildren, going on baseball road trips became a multi-generational bonding experience.

“Our two grandchildren live just down the street,” notes Barry. “Since they were born, Barbara, Daryl and I have been an active part of their lives. We love traveling, so when our grandson Timothy, now 17, was old enough we took him along with us on our baseball road trips. Traveling with our grandsonorour granddaughter has allowed us to share unique experiences that they will remember long after we are gone.”

Barry LaFlam represents a new breed of grandparents who lead vital and active lives, which includes spending quality time with their adult children and grandchildren. He has have found a friend and ally in Teresa Weybrew, who has helped him plan his trips and ensure that everything goes well. “I’ve developed a special relationship with Barry over the years and I am always thrilled when they relate their experiences,” says Teresa. “It makes me happy to know that I have helped them to create special memories that they will all cherish fora lifetime.”

Christine Crosby

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