Book Review: Me With You by Kristy Dempsey


ME WITH YOU is the perfect book to remind grandparents and grandchildren how unique they are individually and as a pair.

We’re a pair beyond compare,

a rare and special two,

in all the ways that I am me

and you’re completely you.

A lyrical and beautiful book in the tradition of You Are My I Love You and Mama Do You Love Me, but so fresh in looking at how, in their absolute uniqueness, these two pals are both entirely themselves-and more!-as together they play and garden and pretend to their hearts’ content. This book celebrates the specialness of the two…and the uniqueness of each.


Philomel Books (Penguin Putnam)

Release date: May 14, 2009

Picture Book

32 Pages

Recommended for ages 2-8

Selling Points:

* Grandparents are always looking for this kind of book that celebrates what they and their grandchildren mean to each other!

* The text is not only charming, it is thoughtful, celebrating the individual as well as the twosome.

You can get a preview of the book by watching the book’s video trailer at


As a child, Kristy Dempsey enjoyed swinging from trees and splashing in the creek on her grandfather’s farm in South Carolina. These days, she lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where her favorite moments are time spent with her husband and three children. In addition to writing, Kristy enjoys running and hand-painting glass tiles. And as often as possible, she still makes time to swing from a tree or two. For more information about Kristy, please see

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