American Jobs Act – How It Will Help Your Grandkids

By:, a definitive digital resource for education, announced the launch of its most recent content  series,  which features “Bringing Money Back,” an infographic that takes a look at the American Jobs Act of 2011 and how it will help families, homeowners, employers and even veterans.   The infographic also breaks down the proposed $447 billion act and where the government money will go.

According to the infographic, $30 billion will go towards modernizing schools with faster Internet speeds and cutting-edge technology, providing energy efficient upgrades, as well as repairs to caving ceilings and lack of proper heating and air conditioning.

“The American Jobs Act could potentially give thousands of students all across the country the opportunity to get the most out of 21st century technologies,” said Seth Restaino, spokesperson.  “Additionally, students are learning in a safe and healthy environment, which is important for not only their well-being, but to minimize distractions as well.”

The infographic also shows that the American Jobs Act of 2011 will potentially add one to two million jobs in theUnited Statesby 2013, 1.3 million of which will be non-agricultural.   Because of these additions, the act predicts that by the end of 2012, unemployment in the United Stateswill be at its lowest rate since 2009.  Additionally, the act will provide tax credits and savings for many Americans ranging from homeowners to veterans.

“According to this infographic, this act could be extremely beneficial for theUnited Stateseconomy,” said Restaino.  “Hopefully the act will spur the economy and put more money into the pockets of working people.”

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