Posted on October 25, 2011 by Christine Crosby in cell phones, safety

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3 Safety Tips When Your Grandchild has a Cell Phone







In today’s world, more and more kids are headed off, armed with cell phones in hand.  Parents and   grandparents usually get the cell phones for their kids for safety reasons and there are some very important things to remember when sharing this responsibility with your grandchildren.

1. Select Appropriate Phone Features. If your child is under 10, they probably don’t need a phone with unlimited social networking or email capabilities. Likewise, the actual phone itself doesn’t need built-in features like a web browser or video messaging. For a young child, look for basic phones. Review all pre-programmed apps and phone capabilities beforehand.

2. Limit Usage. Designate time slots for talking — perhaps after homework and chores are completed, or before dinner. Don’t let constant calls interrupt family time. It’s easy for a chatty teen to cuddle up to a phone at bedtime, so check periodically.

3. Wait – Before Answering. Instruct your grandchild not to answer calls or text messages from numbers they don’t recognize. If it is important, the caller will leave a message and then he can decide how to respond. Explain how to block calls from unwanted numbers.

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