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Fun New Toys From Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2011 is the biggest toy show in North America, as we now know from walking every inch of the trade show floor! We were in search of the best new toys for grandkids, and we found and tested some real winners.

Girder and Panel Building Sets from Bridge Street Toys proves that everything old is new again. Originally released in the ’50s, this incredibly fun building set is back and better than ever. Build skyscrapers, bridges, houses and ice cream factories – all while learning the real engineering principles of architecture. Ages 6+. [Girder and Panel Kits, $40 and up. Full Review w/demo]

Are your grandkids less into architectural engineering and more into making slime balls and bubbling potions? Take a look at The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab. For 25 years kids have learned science from The Magic School Bus books and TV shows; now they can jump into the action. Set contains over 50 cool experiments that will teach and entertain the grandkids. Ages 5+. [The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab, $40. Full Review w/demo]

Science and building are great, but sometimes you just want to have fun. Snack Attack! from ThinkFun is a fast-paced game where kids match snacks on their plate with snack tokens that shoot out of a snack spinner. Everyone plays at once, so no one gets bored. Kids are having so much fun they forget they are learning visual recognition, memory, concentration and fine motor skills! 2-6 players. Ages 4+. [Snack Attack! from ThinkFun, $20. Full Review w/demo]

Love checkers but find the grandkids don’t think it’s cool enough? Try Skippity from MindWare. Skippity involves jumping and capturing, like checkers, but there are five different colored skippers and 100 spaces on the board.

In Skippity, you jump every turn, so it’s a fast-paced game that holds kids’ interest. Simple enough for younger kids to play, but involves enough strategy so older kids will also have fun. A great game to get everyone into the action. 2-4 players. Ages 5+. [Skippity from MindWare, $19. Full Review w/demo]

Stay tuned! Next month we’ll have more fun toys from Toy Fair that will have grandkids everywhere shouting, “Thanks, Gram, you’re the best!”

Dan Nessel is the Director of Product Reviews at DadDoes.Com. Join Dad Does and read real-world, brutally honest product reviews geared toward parents and grandparents.

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