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Catching Up with Kay Glynn

Champion role model for all ages

“America’s Fittest Grandmom” Kay Glynn is still wowing us as an athlete and proud grandmother. Kay was our GRAND cover story in the January/February 2010 issue, and we caught up with her to see what’s new. Not much, really: just setting a new World Masters Record in the pole vault and also winning gold in the hammer throw and triple jump at the 2011 Summer National Senior Games!

Since 2010, Kay has also added one more prize to her list of favorite things: a fourth grandchild. When Kay and her grandkids are together, Kay is hands-on in setting a good example in fitness and nutrition. Their activity of choice is going to the playground because, she says, “Kids can never get enough.”

At 58, Kay has already accomplished so much, but she says she’s just beginning. One of her goals is to spread the word on fitness and healthy habits, and she’s got plans to make it happen.

Go, Kay!
Videos of Kay in action:
USA Track and Field Nationals, August 2011: Says Kay, “My entertaining crash and burn was worth it, since I won!”
• Kay’s performance of “Old-Time Rock and Roll” at the Red Oak, Iowa, Junction Days, June 24, 2011
• Setting the World Masters Record in pole vault, June 20, 2011
• The Morning Blend television appearance, Dec. 22, 2010

News stories about Kay’s record-breaking events in the National Senior Games in Houston in June 2011:

Enjoy the GRAND interview of Kay Glynn by Christine Crosby


“I have another new grandchild. I have four now: ages, 1, 2, 3 and 5 years, two girls and two boys. Two of them are about four hours away, and the other two live in Texas, but I spent some time with them this summer between a couple of my meets, so that was a lot of fun….

“I’ve been really busy. I had fun doing a show on television in the Omaha area — it’s called The Morning Blend — and it’s…on the internet now.

“I do have to say I got a world record since I talked with you last, in the pole vault, which just happened a few weeks ago in Texas. Also in Texas, I got to light the torch for our National Senior Games along with a 100-year-old gentleman named Harry Pepper. That was exciting. And also at the meet down there I did a little piece for the travel channel which will be on some time later…they were doing a show about older people needing something to do as they travel, so they had come to Texas to see what the older people do in Texas. It was very good, I think, for everyone involved.

“This summer I had four meets that I wanted to go to — major ones — and I’ve been to the decathlon in Texas…and spent a few days with my kids and went to another one that was the Senior Olympics in Houston. And then I was home for about a week before I flew out to the World Track Meet — it was a USA [team] in Sacramento, and that was a 10-day meet, so I’ve just gotten back from that. And I have one more meet that I want to do, which is in Ohio, and that’s next week. [Video] … I really wanted to experience it and get to go to all the meets in all the different areas of the country.”

Kay’s advice to grandparents:
“First and foremost I think it’s important to find activities that you enjoy. If it’s not something you enjoy doing, you’re not going to stick with it. It has to be something physical but doesn’t necessarily have to be that taxing. Start with walking — it doesn’t take much but a pair of shoes to do that…

“Get involved in a game with other people: they forget that they’re working out. Sometimes it takes other people to get involved and get them motivated and keep them going. When you meet active people, you kind of feed off each other. You don’t live that sort of sedentary lifestyle anymore. It’s a priority that should be in their life.”

On nutrition:
“I eat every couple of hours. I don’t eat a lot. You can eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Keeps my blood sugar level better, and I don’t get real tired and I don’t feel real hungry. I tell people it feels like I could get up and run a race at any point in time.

“I eat a variety of foods. Moderation is the key and to spread it out over the day.”

On kids and keeping them fit and active:
“My kids were always active, involved in sports, and loved to be outside on playgrounds. Kids can never get enough.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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