Righting a Grand Wrong

By: Christine Bettencourt

Staying connected with your grandchildren seems like the most basic expectation a grandparent could have. Sadly, hard times and troubled attitudes are breaking family ties and hearts all across the country. Susan Hoffman’s new book A Precious Bond gives grandparents the tools to maintain close relationships with their grandchildren. Available from apreciousbond.com.

“The book is a hands-on self-help book that teaches grandparents how to rely on their own resources that perhaps they didn’t know they had.” Specifically, it discusses “how to right the wrongs that threaten the grandparent-grandchild relationship:

• Change your behavior, not theirs

• Assume the ‘you and me’ rather than ‘you or me’ position

• Take action to reconnect

• Adopt preventative measures

• Be alert to warning signs

• Remain neutral and non-threatening

• Focus on being happy rather than being right

• Don’t take things personal

Includes a legal self-help section, with sample forms, for grandparents wishing to open a court case.”




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