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Posted on March 20, 2012 by Christine Crosby in Amber Paley, Family Trees, GRAND Magazine, Picnic, Skype, Zoo

10 Things You and Your Grandchildren Can Do Together

There’s nothing better than quality time with your grandchildren.  Though they may be too young to understand now, they’ll hold on to those memories well into the future.  With the generation gap, it’s sometimes difficult to find things to do together.  Below you’ll find things that will not only be fun, but will create memories that neither of you will forget.


1.      Go to a Sporting Event

It doesn’t matter if it’s a professional or a local high school sporting event; this will be something entertaining and enjoyable for both you and your grandchildren.  Have the whole sport experience: Eat stadium food and cheer on the team!  Teaching your grandchild about the sport, if unfamiliar, is also a bonding and learning experience that you’ll both enjoy.

2.      Go on a Natural Walk

Nature walks and hiking are certainly memories involving my grandparents that I’ve held onto as I’ve gotten older.  It was so much fun exploring woods with my grandfather, and I felt special when he even made me a walking stick just like his.  Nature walks instill healthy habits into children, and offer a great opportunity to spend quiet quality time with each other.

3.      Go on a Picnic

Picnics are an activity in which grandparents and grandchildren have fun without fail.  Ask your grandchildren to help you make your meal and pack the picnic basket.  Bring books and group games for activities; and plan on doing something in your picnic area, like collecting leaves or throwing a Frisbee.

4.      Go to the Zoo

The zoo is always a fun place for kids.  They get to see animals they’ve never seen, and zoos always have fun activities that adults and kids alike can engage in.  A day at the zoo is something kids rarely forget, especially when they go with a loved one.

5.      Go to a Local Nature Park

Some of my fondest childhood memories with my grandparents were when they would take me to a local park that had a lake and picnic areas.  We’d fish, collect fun things like rocks, watch wildlife, and have picnic lunches.  Then when it would get dark at night, we’d collect fireflies in jars.


6.      Decorate T-Shirts

Decorating T-shirts is always a fun craft idea for kids.  Go to your local craft store together and pick out your t-shirts and all of the items you’ll need to decorate them.  Here are some decorating item ideas:

  • Paints
  • Tie-dye kits
  • Stencils
  • Feathers
  • Sequins
  • Glitter

7.      Make Homemade Ice Cream SundaesEveryone loves ice cream.  Got to the grocery store with your grandchildren and let them pick out their favorite sundae ingredients.  If you have the time, you could even make homemade ice cream with together.  There’s no need for a fancy ice cream maker; there are recipes all over the internet for do-it-yourself homemade ice crea

8.      Get On Skype

If you and your grandchildren are both internet-savvy, buy computer cameras for each of you.  When they’re at home they’ll be able to video-call you.  It’s a great way to get quality time when distance prevents it; and it’ll be fun for both of you!

9.      Play Cards

Other memories I have with my grandparents when I was young involved card games.  Card games, like Slap-Jack, Hearts (for older grandchildren), War, etc., are an activity that both you and your grandchildren will have fun playing!

10. Make a Family Tree

This is something that I wish I had done when I was younger.  As children get older, they’ll wonder where their ancestors came from, what they did, and what they accomplished.  Spend time making a homemade family tree with your grandchildren.  This will be something they’ll enjoy when they’re young, and cherish when they’re older.


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