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Book Review: Ethan, Suspended by Pamela Ehrenberg

Thanks so much for considering my submission for the Kids’ Book Author of the Week at GrandMagazine.  Pam Ehrenberg’s first young adult novel, Ethan, Suspended, has recently come out in paperback. “I am excited that so many grandparents and grandchildren have already begun to enjoy it together,” Ehrenberg says.

At its heart, the book is about the relationship between Ethan and his grandparents, with whom he comes to live when his home situation becomes chaotic. Although their relationship is tested as Ethan adjusts to coupon-clipping, 4:30 p.m. dinners, and a lack of Internet connection, ultimately they reach a point of love and acceptance.

Ethan, Suspended

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers (hardcover, 2007; paperback, 2009)
Young Adult
266 pages
Recommended ages: 10-14, though many adults, including grandparents, have enjoyed reading it as well

Booklist, starred review (mentions Ethan’s grandparents as a highlight of the book): https://syndetics.com/index.aspx?isbn=0802853242/BLREVIEW.HTML&client=pricp&type=rn12

VOYA Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School, 2007:
(then scroll to the second page)

Pamela Ehrenberg has been an educator for twelve years and once taught English in a DC junior high school similar to the one in the book. Currently, she serves as a consultant for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and for Getting College Right.  She lives in Washington, DC, with her daughter Talia (age four) and son Nathan (almost one). She also published Tillmon County Fire (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2009). For more information, please see www.pamelaehrenberg.com

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