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Must see movie for grandparents: Bully

By:  Dave Lawrence, Chair, The Children’s Movement of Florida

I don’t do movie reviews, but…

If I were a parent – indeed, everyone who cares about children — I would make it my business to see it.

If I were a school superintendent, I’d insist that my top administrators and all my principals see it.

If I were a principal, I’d ask all my teachers to see it.

If I were the Senate president or House speaker, I’d urge every legislator to see it.

If I were the governor, I’d make sure I saw it – and those who worked for me, too.

The movie is “Bully,” and I saw it last weekend. It is a profoundly important topic, and ever more important in this cyberspace age.

Thanks for caring.

P.S.: If you’d like to learn more about this film, just click here.






David Lawrence is a retired publisher of the Miami Herald.

The Children’s Movement of Florida believes that the well-being and education of our children in Florida must be the highest priority of government, business, non-profit institutions and families. The economic future of our state and the stability of the communities we live in depend on achieving this goal. The major objective of the citizen-led, non-partisan Children’s Movement of Florida is to inform the political, business and civic leaders, and the parents and people of this state, about this issue – and encourage them to make the well-being and education of our children our highest priority, including in the way we invest our public resources.

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