Keeping It Simple

Lori Bitter
Lori Bitter

There is a sweetness to the summer months. We relax and become more “leisurely” with our time. Vacations, connecting with family and friends from near and far, and eating fresh, grilled favorites certainly contribute. Life is a little more simple in the summer and we embrace it—relish it actually—because things in the real world are becoming increasingly complicated.

Our cover story this month is about Elvis Presley and his grandchildren. While Elvis never met Lisa Marie’s children, he certainly left a legacy, a complicated one. Graceland, the Presley family estate, has special 35th anniversary exhibits this year — anyone up for a nostalgic road trip?

Dr. Dorree Lynn takes a look at why women — specifically those of us over 50 — are so attracted to erotic literature, like the very popular Fifty Shades of Grey.

We are seeing an increase in entrepreneurship in people over 50. Some of this is due to the recession and job loss, but increasingly we are choosing to launch companies that feed our passions and interests. Don’t miss Richard Anthony’s interview with OfficeMax founder Michael Feuer, who sold that company in 2003. In 2010 he launched Max-Wellness with a big vision for the trillion-dollar retail health and wellness business.

In my home, we just celebrated Gabriel’s first birthday! One year and already such a big personality! He is crawling — finally — and he loves to “sing” and play the xylophone!

Enjoy a warm, simple summer,


Lori Bitter, Publisher

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