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Tips for Better Grandparenting

Start before you grandchild is born by gardening your child’s marriage.

  • Parents are the linchpin of the relationship between you and your grandchild: It’s important to support the couple from the beginning, Help them to be happy!
  • Be there when your grandchild is born: Whether you are inside or outside the delivery room, arrange with the parents to be there when your grandchild is born. Bonding with the baby from the beginning is a great way to build a strong three-generational family. (Lots of grandparents say this experience is a high point in their lives.
  • One on one:  Spend as much time alone with your grandchild as possible. The Vital Connection between you and your grandchild blossoms fully when the child has your undivided attention in an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere. This is when the child “absorbs” you — heart and soul!
  • Be part of your grandchild’s life: This means keeping up-to-date with your grandchild’s day-to-day life. Become computer literate and send emails … Get in the fax habit … Or just pick up the phone. You don’t have to be present every day to be an everyday presence.
  • Be a role model: It’s important that your grandchild sees you use your wisdom and experience in a loving and caring way. Your relationship with your grandchild and his parents will set the stage for the time when they “move up” the generational ladder themselves
  • Be available when the family needs you: Show your child and grandchild that family is important. Help whenever possible. If conflicts arise call a family conference to set things straight. It is important for your grandchild to see you acting to resolve conflicts and not shying away from difficult issues. Children expect grandparents and parents to be different…and that’s good. But the child also needs to see that grandparents – as functioning adults – can bring harmony to the family, along with tolerance, flexibility, forgiveness and understanding. After all they are the “parents’ parents.” 


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