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The GRAND Power of Voting

[Editor’s note: After you read this article, we’d value your opinion on which 2012 presidential candidate YOU think will be best for American families and the future of all grandchildren. Thank you!]

The November 6th General Election will soon be upon us. Getting ready to participate in democracy’s greatest act — voting — is essential to have our voices heard.

What’s at stake? Nothing but the future direction of our nation, our states and each community! And, of course, the future of all of our families.

We at GRAND don’t intend to influence you on how to vote — we have never done that, nor will we break that tradition now.

The election cycle has already begun as new registration requirements and deadlines are starting to take effect. We strongly encourage you to join us in knowing what will be required to register and vote — and as the election approaches, please consider voting early to avoid having to wait in long lines on November 6.

Thinking that one vote does not matter would truly dishonor a tradition our nation holds dear — no matter who we are, voting is the great equalizer. Any citizen over age 18 who is legally registered is equal in the process of American elections.

We consider voting an act of true patriotism. By voting, we honor those who have given so much, even their lives, to assure us the right to express ourselves in determining who will lead us at every level of government. Countless millions have fought, marched, protested and sacrificed to secure our right to vote. In recognition of that history, and in honor of those who have given us this right, each vote is a gesture of respect.


GRAND Access to Priority Information

As grandparents we have no greater interest than the health, education, safety and economic well-being of our grandkids. We know that each generation is responsible for the quality of the society it leaves behind. We expect whoever we elect to the nation’s highest office to contribute to our families’ quality of life and our legacy — and for that to happen, each of us needs to make an informed decision.

At GRAND we’ve been doing our homework to provide our readers with access to resources that provide perspectives on the issues that matter, especially in the most visible of all contests, the presidential race.

While we are all bombarded with advertisements, media spin and special-interest messaging from both sides, at GRAND we are dedicated to providing unbiased information to help us make truly informed decisions in the presidential election.

We hope this information helps you make the best choices for yourselves and your families. Then, on or before November 6, please vote.


Useful Websites:

• 2012 Presidential Candidates.org: profiles of presidential candidates and their stances on a broad range of issues

Family Education: emphasizes family and education issues

Comeback America: promotes fiscal responsibility and economic sustainability

Voices for America’s Children: promotes positive policies for families

Prevent Child Abuse America and its National Movement for Children

• Generations United: promotes intergenerational policies and model programs

AARP: click on the politics banner for issues affecting families, social security and Medicare

• Presidential candidates’ official campaign websites:

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney


GRAND Opinion Poll

Which 2012 presidential candidate do YOU think will be best for American families and the future of all grandchildren?

Please click here to tell us who and why.

Christine Crosby

About the author

Christine is the co-founder and editorial director for GRAND Magazine. She is the grandmother of five and great-grandmom (aka Grandmere) to one. She makes her home in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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