Do You Know Someone Raising a GRANDchild?

By Betty Cornelius, Founder of CanGrands

Would you like to help researchers learn more about your experiences as a custodial grandparent and earn a award?

If you answered YES!, you may be eligible to participate in a new research

study. CANGRANDS is in partnership with the National Institute for the

Care of the Elderly (NICE) and theUniversityofToronto, Faculty of

Medicine’s Institute for Life Course and Aging. The Institute for Life

Course and Aging is currently conducting a study to better understand the

financial literacy needs of custodial grandparents, and researchers will

use this information to create resources that will aid in improving

financial literacy. The study aims to integrate knowledge, wisdom and feedback from custodial grandparents about their experiences and to better understand their financial realities and financial literacy needs.

The study is currently seeking participants to provide feedback and input

on the experiences and financial literacy needs of custodial grandparents.

*If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Raza

M. Mirza, study coordinator, via email at or

by phone at 416-508-0215; or Rebecca Bliss, research assistant, via email at or by phone at 416-978-5968. Either Raza or Rebecca will be happy to speak with you, to answer your questions, and to provide you with more information.

Please know that your privacy will be respected. If you decide you want to participate in the study, your name, identity and any information you

provide will be held in strict confidence by the study researchers.

Whether you participated in the study or not will only be known to the

researchers from theUniversityofToronto, and not to anyone at CANGRANDS or NICE.

Your interest and participation is appreciated. *An honorarium will be

provided to those individuals who participate in the research.*

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Rebecca Bliss and Raza Mirza




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