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Toys For All Ages

While many joys are associated with the holidays, stressing about finding the right gifts for everyone in your life is not one of them. Stress be gone! Here are some fun gift ideas for kids (and adults) of all ages.


When you think of building blocks, do you think of big, soft, beautiful blocks? You will once you see the Gibout Toys BigBloxä. These 12-inch plush cubes are handmade in the USA and come in 20 different styles. Girls and boys will love to stack them, toss them, and sit on them.

[BigBlox by Gibout Toys, $23.99. All ages. Full review.]


Have your grandkids outgrown fuzzy building blocks? Welcome to the world of Nerf blasters! New for 2012 is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire. The battery-operated Hail-Fire uses the new Nerf Elite darts, which to the grandkids’ great amazement can fly 75 feet. The Hail-Fire not only has the longest range of any Nerf blaster, it also has the largest capacity, holding 144 Nerf darts.

[Nerf N-Strike-Elite Hail-Fire, $39.99. Ages 8+. Full review.]

Watch Hail-Fire in action!


What cool toy could you get for teen grandkids who never seem to look up from their smartphones? The Wi-Spi Helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts! The Wi-Spi is a remote-controlled helicopter that you control with your smartphone or tablet. What will get teens really excited is the ability to stream, record, and share video and photos from the Wi-Spi Helicopter’s built-in camera.

[Wi-Spi RC Helicopter by Interactive Toy Concepts, $129.95. Ages 14+. Full review.]

Watch Wi-Spi in action!


Finally, we end with a cool tech gift for the grown-ups. The D-Link SharePortÔ Mobile Companion (DIR-505), a gadget you never knew you needed, but once you get it, you can’t live without it. The DIR-505 is a portable wireless router that can, among other things, turn any Internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot (allowing you to get all your wireless devices online) and give your iOS or Android device instant access to photos and files you have stored on a USB drive.

[D-Link SharePortÔ Mobile Companion (DIR-505), $69.99. Full review.]


Very happy holidays to all!

Dan Nessel is Director of Product Reviews at DadDoes.com. Join Dad Does and read real-world, brutally honest product reviews geared toward parents and grandparents.


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