Check Out This GRANDmother!

(Editor’s Note:  Thought you’d all like to see the photo from the holiday card we received from one of our most illustrious cover grandmothers, Kay Glynn).

I wondered if I could do this “pose” for my card this year since I hadn’t tried it for a couple years, and with hip replacement surgery in my future and turning 60 in a couple months, I knew it would probably be the last time that I would be able to even try it! I knew I would have to take every precaution that I could because I have never figured out a way to “recover” if things don’t go well. Though it was unusual and unnerving for me, I had no Plan B for this! I would just take it one block at a time, although the blocks would have to be placed quickly as well as carefully.

Well, by the time I had the set-up ready to go for the photo shoot in my basement, I came to grips with my biggest fear. I realized that my biggest worry was whether I could keep on my hat! And, yes, my feathers, too! The cement blocks were the least of my worries!

Below is the cover with Kay. She is one amazingly fit grandmother of six!

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