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Help! My Grandkids Leave Their Toys Everywhere!

By  Christine Crosby, Editorial Director, GRAND Magazine
When my g-kids were little and came for a visit I’d let them be as messy as they wanted. They don’t live near me so when they visited it was open season on Grandmere’s house. I didn’t care how big a mess they made, I was just thrilled to have them in the same house with me, but picking up a million pieces of Legos or other teenie, tiny, itsy, bitsey toys was a chore.  
Now that my g-kids are a lot older and pick up after themselves, I read about a Philadelphia “Mompreneur” Amy Bradley who knew there had to be a better way to tackle the dreaded chore of cleaning up all her son’s toys.  She took her bright idea and launched a successful small business out of her own home with her invention of the Toydozer. You can check it out for yourself at 
 Toydozer is an American-made product and has received incredible feedback and press. They have been hearing from countless grandparents who are buying the Toydozer for their grand kids. 
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